Quality raw material handcrafted.


No additives or artificial preservatives.


100% natural products, gluten and lactose free, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.


Quality and traceability that guarantee the safety of our products.

Introducing the new organic product line

With the collaboration of chef Sergi de Meià, we elaborate our product recipes of soups and vegetables spreads.


Born in Esplugues and adopted in Vilanova de Meià, he spent his childhood and was raised between stoves in family restaurant, where he gained the love for ground products, textures and aromes. He has worked in different restaurants, from Andorra, San Sebastián and even Australia. The path he chose made him obtain the charge of lead cooker of Barcelona best restaurants.




About us

Sun & Fruits began making Premium artisan fruit preserves in 2014. With no type of additives, preservatives or colorants. We are committed to quality, which is why we only use fresh and natural ingredients.
The secret of a good fruit preserve is not only about a good production method, it’s more about the professional who chooses the fruit at the right point of ripening and the knowledge of the correct balance of sugar and fruit that are required to create the flavor of the fruit preserve. For this reason, we chose our suppliers according to proximity and quality criteria. This is the way we are able to produce our fruits preserves with it is own personality, flavor and aroma.
Sun & Fruits is a blend of tradition and innovation. We evolve to adapt to new habits and to cultural and gastronomic diversity. To that end, we have partnered with Catalan chef and slow food enthusiast Sergi de Meià to create a new range of healthy organic products suitable for all types of diets with the aim of bringing Mediterranean cuisine to the rest of the world. Soups, sauces and conserves made with 100% vegetables, specially prepared for people who want to eat healthily, high quality and easy-to-prepare food.


The new catalog 2019
Discover our traditional products and the new organic line


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